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Hydration Station

Created specifically for tanning salons and spas, the Hydration Station™ combines cutting-edge technology with time-tested natural techniques to blanket the skin with moisture.

Relax and get pampered with soothing steam moisture and vitamins. Your skin will look soft, supple and radiantly beautiful.


  • Revive and rejuvenate your skin!
  • Ultimate moisturization to combat skin dehydration
  • Liquid, topical vitamin boost for long lasting moisture


  • Accelerate your tan
  • Achieve darker, richer, more even UV color
  • Extend the life of your UV Tan


  • Naturally cleanse and balance the skin
  • Achieve your most even DHA application
  • Extend your sunless results by days


(appointment is necessary)

1 Session $30
3 Session $80
5 Sessions $125
10 Sessions $230
20 Sessions $400