Tanning Tips

Please follow these tips for your safety and best results.

Eye Protection

Ultraviolet tanning rays (UVA and UVB) are harmful to your eyes. Eyelids are too thin to provide adequate protection against injury. FDA approved goggles are provided and must be worn.

Goggles are also available at Carefree Tan for purchase for home use.


Allow a minimum of 24 hours between tanning sessions. Tanning professionals recommend waiting 48 to 72 hours, the span of time necessary for your skin to recover from UV exposure, and to create melanin and a tan.

Tanning Plateau

After tanning for a while, you may reach a point where you don?t seem to be getting any darker. That?s why we offer equipment with different outputs and features. Ask our trained staff which system is best for you according to your tanning routine and needs.

Clean skin

Your skin should be clean before tanning, free of dirt, makeup, grease, etc. You tan much better when you?re clean.


Your skin is constantly exposed to the elements: wind, sun, water, heat, cold – all drying your skin, causing your skin to flake off, and there goes your tan as well. Moisturization is the key to a long-lasting tan. Also, dry skin tends to reflect UV-light, thus decreasing your tanning potential. Remember: Healthy and moist skin tans faster and darker. For best results, use an indoor tanning lotion just prior to tanning and a good moisturizer immediately after tanning.

Tanning Accelerators

Your body makes use of many ingredients in addition to UV-light to produce a tan. Indoor tanning accelerators are designed to provide you with a balanced amount of these essential ingredients to achieve a better tan. You will tan faster and darker if you use an indoor tanning lotion. You will damage your skin if you do not. Tanning without a tanning lotion depletes the skin of moisture. Your tan will last longer and look healthier if you use an indoor tanning lotion. Many advanced products also contain skin care components that help reverse the damaging effects of UV-light and improve the condition of your skin. Since these products are comprised of many essential vitamins, extreme temperatures can cause them to lose their effectiveness. For best results, keep your tanning accelerators at room temperature.

Outdoor Lotions and Oils

Outdoor tanning products are made to address the specific needs of tanning outdoors (uncontrolled conditions). These products can cause a film on tanning bed acrylics and actually inhibit your body from tanning. Outdoor tanning products are NOT allowed in our salons.

Lip Protection

Lips cannot produce melanin, and are not capable of tanning. Protect your lips with lip balm containing sunblock.

Nude Tanning

Be cautious when tanning in the nude, especially if these areas have not been previously exposed to the sun or indoor tanning. For the first few visits, cover these areas for at least of the length of your session allowing these sensitive areas to tan gradually.


Some medications can cause a reaction to UV light. Check with your physician or pharmacist if you have any questions about your particular prescription. A list of Photosensitive Drugs is available at each salon. Be sure and let us know if you’d like to review it.


VersaSpa consumer information DHA in spray-on tanning booths

When applying DHA sunless products as a spray or mist, it may be difficult to avoid exposure of areas for which the FDA has not tested, including the area of the eyes, lips, nasal passages, or even internally. Consequently, the FDA recently issued a recommendation that the following precautions be utilized where DHA sunless products are applied by spraying or misting: cover the area of the eyes protect the lips and nasal passages avoid inhalation or ingestion of the product.

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